Primary School Spanish | Vamos Vol. 2 (16-track MP3 download)

Let’s take it to the next level….impress your family with real-life Spanish for holidays!

Do you wish you could help your kids advance their skills in Spanish? Squeezing in yet another activity to your busy schedule can feel more stressful than beneficial. But what if you could do it effortlessly, just by having our songs playing at home, and in the car, bilingually? It’s like having a languages teacher in your pocket!

Join the thousands of parents across the globe who are teaching their kids Spanish using this easy, simple, proven methodology:  Sing, learn, repeat! 

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Hi! I’m Ellie Baker, teacher, mother of three and writer-director of the BilinguaSing Spanish music series. I created these educational and fun songs because I wanted to create bilingual music which parents would enjoy too (not just tolerate)!

Why is our Bilingual music for kids the best?
* These beautiful rhymes have been carefully chosen and written, with English cleverly interwoven to support understanding
* Sung at just the right speed and pitch by native singers with careful articulation to ensure parents and older siblings can follow and learn too
* BilinguaSing has won awards for their unique methodology, teaching thousands of children every week in their classes

For parents who are looking for THE MOST EFFECTIVE TOOL to help their child learn another language
Verses sung in both ENGLISH & SPANISH to facilitate understanding & accelerate learning
QUALITY MUSIC & SINGING designed with ‘non-annoying parental seal of approval’
LEARN TOGETHER at home or in the car – a perfect way to bond and share the experience

This 16-track album is the second soundtrack for our primary school clubs. It includes original tracks to help children say how they feel, count up to 1000, talk about the weather, order food and drink, talk about morning routine, say what they like doing, describe what they look like and more! Our catchy songs are bound to get everyone up and dancing. Great fun for all the family!


Track Listing:
1 – How Are You?  ¿Cómo estás tú?
2 – This Is The Way…  Así es como…
3 – Let’s All Go On A Holiday   Vacaciones, vamos ya
4 – Would You Like An Ice Cream?   ¿Quieres un helado?
5 – What Would You Like To Drink?  ¿Qué desea beber?
6 – What Would You Like To Eat?  ¿Qué desea comer?
7 – Where Do You Live?  ¿Dónde vives?
8 – What Do You Like To Wear?  ¿Qué te gusta llevar?
9 – What Do You Love To Do?  ¿Qué te encanta hacer?
10 – What’s The Weather Like?  ¿Qué tiempo hace?
11 – Directions  ¿Dónde està..?
12 – What Do You Look Like?  ¿Cómo eres tú? 13 – Let’s Count In Tens   Contamos hasta cien
14 – Goodbye, Goodbye  Adiós
15 –  Let’s Count In Hundreds  Contamos hasta mil
16 – Tell Me What’s The Time  ¿Qué hora es?




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