Toddler Spanish | We Sing Spanish 1 & 2 (29-track MP3 download)

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Grab both of our toddler tunes albums, packed with familiar favourites in English and Spanish!

Do you wish you had the time to introduce your child to a second language? Squeezing in yet another class  into your busy week can at times feel stressful. But what if you could do it effortlessly, just by having your child’s nursery rhymes playing at home, and in the car, bilingually? It’s like having a languages teacher in your pocket!

Join the thousands of families across the globe who are teaching their kids a second language using this easy, simple, proven methodology:  Sing, learn, repeat! 

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Hi! I’m Ellie Baker, teacher, mother of three and writer-director of the BilinguaSing Spanish music series. I created these educational and fun songs because I wanted to create bilingual music which parents would enjoy too (not just tolerate)!

Why is our Bilingual music for kids the best?
* These beautiful rhymes have been carefully chosen and written, with English cleverly interwoven to support understanding
* Sung at just the right speed and pitch by native singers with careful articulation to ensure parents and older siblings can follow and learn too
* BilinguaSing has won awards for their unique methodology, teaching thousands of children every week in their classes

For parents who are looking for THE MOST EFFECTIVE TOOL to help their child learn another language
2 album Multipack with 28 nursery rhymes and familiar children’s songs
Catchy Sing-Along Songs in Spanish AND English the Entire Family Will Enjoy
Language learning made easier with our Proven Learning Methodology Sung in English First THEN Spanish


Track listing Vol.1:
1. Hello, How Are You? / Hola, ¿qué tal estás?
2. Incy Wincy Spider / Ana la araña
3. Wind The Bobbin Up / Enrolla la bobina
4. Old Macdonald / En la granja de mi tío
5. Sleeping Bunnies / Los conejitos duermen 6. All The Little Chicks Say / Los pollitos dicen (Spanish traditional)
7. Three Little Ducks / Tres patitos
8. The Wheels On The Bus / Las ruedas en el autobús
9. I Have A Little House / Yo tengo una casita (Spanish traditional)
10. Spanish Rainbow / Arco iris español
11. Tell Me A Story / Cuéntame un cuento
12. Tidy Time / Ordenar
13. Bye Bye Bubbles / Adiós a las burbujas 14. See You / Nos veremos

Track listing – Vol.2:
1. Hello, Welcome – Hola, bienvenidos
2. Three Little Men in a Flying Saucer – Tres hombres en un platillo volante
3. Miss Polly – La muñeca de Pauli
4. The Hokey Cokey – El Joqui Coqui
5. I am the Music Man – Yo soy el músico
6. Please & Thank You – For favor y gracias
7. Teddy Bear – Osito
8. Three Little Monkeys – Tres monitos
9. Ring a Ring a Roses – Al corro de la patata (Spanish traditional)
10. Three Little Speckled Frogs – Tres ranitas 11. At the station – En la estación
12. Three Elephants Were Swinging – Un elefante se balanceaba
13. She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain – Alrededor de la montaña volverá
14. Goodbye my friends – Adiós mis amigos 15. Goodnight Lullaby – Nana de buenas noches



10 reviews for Toddler Spanish | We Sing Spanish 1 & 2 (29-track MP3 download)

  1. Mother

    I like that it repeats the verse in Spanish. I would like to point out that the English vocalist is in the UK so the a British accent. There is a song about winding a bobbin which I don’t think is a familiar American song, but has a catchy tune and there are many other familiar ones.
    This is the only product I could find with 2 languages. I work with non English families of young children. I wanted to incorporate song and I don’t speak Spanish so this is the best I could find.
    For someone wanting to expose their young ones to another language this would be good too.
    From my research I found that this company main thing is classes in the UK for moms/babies.

  2. Esme

    Excellent songs. I am English and my partner is Spanish. We both speak both languages and our 3 month old daughter is already listening to all of these fabulous albums. The translations are very well done for the songs and the singing and composition of the music is just perfect for babies and toddlers. We all sing along and I would highly recommend all of these songs to Spanish and English speakers alike.

  3. Eugene Cáceres

    My granddaughter loves it.

  4. Mrs. A. Brann

    My 3 year old loves this as much as I do! Collect all albums in the series – they are a brilliant learning aid as well as being super fun! As a novice Spanish now sticks in my head and I find it easier to learn it in other ways too. Love the guys who produce these – long may they continue making it fun and easy to learn languages!

  5. Rachel M Cox

    My son (3 years) asks for these songs to be put on in the car all the time which shows how it has been pitched at a good level for his age. He initially just wanted the ‘Hola’ and ‘Adios’ songs as these are very simple tunes and easy to pick up. They are the only ones where there isn’t an English translation but this doesn’t bother him. Our favourites are Three Little Ducks, Old McDonald and Bye Bye Bubbles.
    If you are interested in getting your child to learn a language, this is a brilliant way to start. Plus at the ripe old age of 37, I am learning too!!

  6. Susana Ruíz

    Great for help little ones with learning Spanish

  7. dkm1981

    I would recommend these tunes even if you don’t go to the classes because they are great. My four month old son loves listening to the catchy songs. This one has quite a few familiar songs on including Incy Wincy Spider, Wind The Bobbin up and Old MacDonald. The songs are really easy to learn I have found because they are sung slowly and clearly enough that you can pick up and repeat what is being said really easy. My son loves listening to the songs too.

  8. Ellie Thompson

    Really reccomend! Very helpful and fun. A must buy to help children lean language and keep it fun

  9. almudena

    A mi hija con 9 meses le encanta. Se lo pongo muchos días. Son canciones cantadas en español y en inglés, por lo que es bueno para el oido de los más pequeños. Lo volvería a comprar sin dudarlo.

  10. Ninadetusojos

    Bought for my infant, he is now three and still loves it!

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