Primary School French | On y va 1 & 2 (31-track MP3 download)

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The perfect duo for 4-11 year olds – a fun way to learn the basics & some more advanced holiday French!

Do you wish you had the time to introduce your kids to a second language? Squeezing in yet another activity to your busy week can feel stressful rather than beneficial. But what if you could do it effortlessly, just by having our carefully crafted children’s rhymes playing at home, and in the car, bilingually? It’s like having a languages teacher in your pocket!

Join the thousands of parents across the globe who are teaching their kids a second language using this easy, simple, proven methodology:  Sing, learn, repeat! 

Download includes lyrics as PDF and a fun, printable pronunciation poster. Scroll down to see track listings and further info.


Hi! I’m Ellie Baker, teacher, mother of three and writer-director of the BilinguaSing French music series. I created these educational and fun songs because I wanted to create bilingual music which parents would enjoy too (not just tolerate)!

Primary School French | Track list vol. 1:

1 – Hello, What Is Your Name? | Salut, comment t’appelles-tu?
2 – Let’s Count From 1-10 | Comptons de 1 à 10
3 – How Old Are You? | Quel âge as-tu?
4 – B-I-N-G-O | B-I-N-G-O
5 – My Family | Ma famille
6 – Alphabet Song / L’alphabet
7 – I Spy | Je vois
8 – Everybody Dance | Dansons tous ensemble
9 – What Day Is It? | Quel jour est-Il?
10 – Let’s Count From 1-30 | Comptons de 1 à 30
11 – When Is Your Birthday? | Quand est ton anniversaire ?
12 – Mother Donkey | Maman âne
14 – Until Next Time | À la prochaine fois

15 /16 – BONUS TRACKS: Let’s Count From 11-20 | Let’s Count From 21-30

Primary School French | Track list vol. 2:

1 – How Are You? | Comment ça va?
2 – This Is The Way… | Voici comment…
3 – Let’s All Go On A Holiday | En vacances, on y va
4 – Would You Like An Ice Cream? | Veux-tu one glace?
5 – What Would You Like To Drink? | Qu’est-ce que tu voudrais boire?
6 – What Would You Like To Eat? | Qu’est-ce que tu voudrais manger?
7 – Where Do You Live? | Où habites-tu?
8 – What Do You Like To Wear? | Qu’est-ce que tu aimes porter?
9 – What Do You Love To Do? | Qu’est-ce que tu adores faire?
10 – What’s The Weather Like? | Quel temps fait-il?
11 – Directions | Où est..?
12 – What Do You Look Like? | Tu es comment?
13 – Let’s Count In Tens | Comptons jusqu’à cent
14 – Goodbye, Goodbye | Au revoir
15 – Let’s Count In Hundreds | Comptons jusqu’à mille

16 – Tell Me What’s The Time | Qu’elle heure est-il

Why is our Bilingual music for kids the best?

* These fun & funky rhymes have been carefully written to teach real French language structures, with English cleverly interwoven to support understanding

* Sung at just the right speed and pitch by native singers with careful articulation to ensure parents and older siblings can follow and learn too

For parents who are looking for THE MOST EFFECTIVE TOOL to help their child learn another language.



These MP3s are strictly for personal, non-commercial use to BilinguaSing™  customers only. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

© BilinguaSing LTD. All rights reserved. Copying or public performance is strictly prohibited.

This download contains music recordings owned 100% by BilinguaSing LTD.




* Sung at just the right speed and pitch by native singers with careful articulation to ensure parents and older siblings can follow and learn too

4 reviews for Primary School French | On y va 1 & 2 (31-track MP3 download)

  1. Trimble

    Fabulous collection of children’s songs, that my son (6 months) loves listening to in the car. A great start to teaching your child a second language and improving your language skills! I also have the Spanish version which I would again highly recommend.

  2. isa Bertaud

    Great music and brilliant songs 😊

  3. Alexia Palet

    This is a perfect album for kids AND for adults who want to learn a language with their children. The bilingual lyrics are easy to remember and make you quickly learn new vocab. A must have!!

  4. E.R

    Fantastic introduction to the basics of French conversation for little ones. The songs are catchy and easy to enjoy over and over again. Would highly recommend! Tres Bon!

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