Baby Loves French Vol.1 (14-track MP3 download)

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Do you wish you had the time to introduce your baby to a second language? Squeezing in yet another baby class activity to your busy week can feel more stressful than beneficial. But what if you could do it effortlessly, just by having your baby’s nursery rhymes playing at home, and in the car, bilingually? It’s like having a languages teacher in your pocket!

Join the thousands of parents across the globe who are teaching their kids a second language using this easy, simple, proven methodology:  Sing, learn, repeat! 

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Hi! I’m Ellie Baker, teacher, mother of three and writer-director of the BilinguaSing French and French music series. I created these educational and fun songs because I wanted to create bilingual music which parents would enjoy too (not just tolerate)!

Track listing:

1 – Salut! / Hello!
2 – Mr French Sun
/ Mr Soleil français
3 – Tommy Thumb
/ Petit pouce
4 – I Can Sing A Rainbow
/ Je chante les couleurs
5 – Horsey Horsey
/ Petit cheval
6 – Heads, Shoulders Knees And Toes
/ Tête, épaules genoux pieds
7 – A Sailor Went To Sea
/ Un marin est allé à la mer
8 – This Little Piggy
/ Ce petit cochon
9 – If You’re Happy And You Know It
/ Si tu as la joie au cœur
10 – The More We Get Together
/ Plus on sera ensemble
11 – Once I Caught A Fish Alive
/ J’ai pêché un poisson-chat
12 – Twinkle Twinkle
/ Brille, brille
13 – Au revoir!
/ Goodbye
14 – Twinkle Twinkle
/ Brille, brille (Instrumental)




* Sung at just the right speed and pitch by native singers with careful articulation to ensure parents and older siblings can follow and learn too, * These beautiful rhymes have been carefully chosen and written, with English cleverly interwoven to support understanding (each song alternates between English and the second language)

4 reviews for Baby Loves French Vol.1 (14-track MP3 download)

  1. Anaeka

    We listen to this everyday on the way to school my kids love it. I’ve learnt all the songs in French too!

  2. Kira Killen


  3. Faye Lovenbury

    Great way to start thinking about learning a language – for you or your little one.

  4. Julie

    Love these songs as does my toddler. I’ve learnt lots too!

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