Baby German Songs | Baby Loves German Vol.2 (14-track MP3 download)

Gorgeous bilingual lullabies and rhymes in English and German for babies

Do you find yourself asking ‘how do I teach my baby German?’ Squeezing in yet another baby class activity to your busy week can often feel more stressful than beneficial. But what if you could do it effortlessly, just by having your baby’s nursery rhymes playing at home, and in the car, bilingually? It’s like having a German teacher in your pocket!

How to teach your baby German:

Join the thousands of parents across the globe who are teaching their babies German using this easy, simple, proven methodology:  Sing, learn, repeat!  Scroll down to see track listings and further info.

To see a song in action, watch ‘If You’re Happy and you Know It’  being sung in English and German!


Hi! I’m Ellie Baker, teacher, mother of three and writer-director of the BilinguaSing Baby German songs. I created these educational and fun nursery rhymes because I wanted to create bilingual baby songs which parents would enjoy too (not just tolerate)!

As a languages teacher with nearly 20 years experience, I have so many parents ask me when is the best time to introduce German to their baby.  So, if you find yourself wondering how to teach your baby German at home, the answer is here!


Track listing:

  1. See You Later
  2. Good Afternoon
  3. Gruen, gruen, gruen sind alle meine Kleider
  4. I Hear Thunder
  5. Wer hat die Kokosnuss geklaut
  6. Peek A Boo
  7. Boom Boom Went The Little Green Frog
  8. Row Row Your Boat
  9. Humpty Dumpty
  10. Zoom Zoom
  11. 10 Little Instruments
  12. This Is The Beehive
  13. The Sun Goes Up
  14. See You Later

Why are our baby German songs the best?

* Our award-winning baby German songs have been written and directed by a teacher & mother of two who wanted to create engaging baby music which parents would enjoy too (not just tolerate)!

*For parents who are looking for the most effective tool to help teach your baby German

*Verses sung in both English and German to facilitate understanding & accelerate learning

*Quality baby German songs designed with ‘non-annoying parental seal of approval‘ (see our many 5-star reviews)!

*Learn together at home or in the car – a perfect way to bond and share the experience (9 out of 10 of our parents say they learn as much as their little ones by sharing our bilingual baby German songs as a family)!  You can find out more about our German baby classes here.


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