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Why learn a language so young?

I was fed up of not having the time to teach my children, aged 2 and 5, how to speak Spanish. I could never find the time, and the guilt was getting to me! Then I discovered BilinguaSing, and it’s been a game changer. we have the songs on all the time – in the car, at home and on the move. The songs are in English and the second language too – meaning it’s easy to understand and repeat. Both kids are singing away so well in both English and Spanish – it’s amazing! I just wish I had found out about BilinguaSing sooner!

Alexia Candelario



“Night-time songs tonight took an interesting twist as my almost 2yo Freya asked for “horsey horsey” in Suppish (Spanish)! I obliged of course and she then sang it in English followed by Spanish…over and over and over again, enjoying the ‘tacata’ bit the most. Just goes to show how clever our little ones are! Proud daddy!”

Tom McPherson

SEO Analyst


I go to the BilinguaSing classes with my 3 year old and 4 month old. The MP3s are an excellent addition and we listen to them constantly in the car. My son always asks for the songs, I don’t force it on him, so it shows how the songs are well pitched and appeal to him. Volume 2 is our favourite (we have Vol 1 also) – just because the songs are the ones we enjoy in class most – Upside Down Ducks, Zoom Zoom Zoom, Peek a Boo, Boom Boom Went the Little Green Frog. There is one we haven’t done in class yet, it’s a Cuban inspired version of Humpty Dumpty and my son asks for this one all the time. I’ve got to admit, I am impressed that BilinguaSing have made what I would consider to be quite a boring nursery rhyme into something exciting! Even if you don’t go to classes, this would be a brilliant purchase – as with any music, you subliminally start to absorb and take in the words and music without even realising.

Janine Thompson

Mum of 2